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PARISH MISSION with Fr. Leo Patalinghug

Mark your calendars for February 15-17

The mission will feature Fr. Leo Patalinghug who is the  Founder, Host, and Director of Grace Before Meals, an international apostolate to help strengthen families and relationship through God's gift of a family meal. He is also establishing a non-profit organization called "The Table Foundation" with the mission to elevate culture and family life, one meal at a time.  His message combines faithful Catholic theology presented in a way that everyone can understand and appreciate.  Using his unique background as a chef, a 3rd degree Black Belt Martial Arts Teacher, and former award winning choreographer for a break dancing group, Fr. Leo's presentations, retreats, parish missions, and keynote talks have brought diverse audiences closer to the Lord's Table.   More to come soon!


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PARISH WORKSHOP with Leisa Anslinger

Mark Your Calendars for March 3 & 4

Leisa is a National Leader in StrengthsFinder work and in Parish Engagement & Stewardship. She speaks nationally on several key topics and is a known expert on lifelong catechesis and stewardship. These two dimensions of parish life intertwine in Leisa's work, one informing the other. "For lasting results in stewardship," Leisa says, "a strong process for adult conversion and formation must be in place. Otherwise, you get a fund raising flash-in-the-pan!" She also provides workshops on using StrengthsFinder in the Catholic Community. And, related to that, also provides parish-changing workshops on parishioner engagement.

The Parish Workshop will be open to all teens and adults, but is not geared to the little ones. We ask that you seek a baby-sitter for the evening. On March 3rd, the workshop will involve all people of the parish, but on March 4th, we ask that only those in direct leadership roles in the parish attend. There will be more information as the event approaches.




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